1. How soon before my party should I book my DJ?

A: The best time to book your DJ is when you have your venue confirmed, booking a DJ is like booking a Venue, Videographer or photographer. The really good ones are booked early and quickly so don’t hang around.

2. How soon do you need a deposit

A. I will require a deposit from you one month after I have sent you the forms. The amount of the deposit will be discussed with you over the phone.(please note all deposits are non-refundable)

3. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

A. Yes I do. For further details see opposite under important information.

4. What will you wear to DJ at my party?

A: I wear a smart shirt and trousers to all my gigs and will always be dressed appropriately.

5. Can we ask for the music to be turned down?

A. Of course. I always listen to my clients, the music will be left low at the begining of the evening but turned up during the main part of the night. If you find it too loud, please just talk to me.

6. Will you be using a smoke machine?

A. As a general rule I don’t use smoke machines very often. A lot of Venues now have new smoke detectors fitted that will pick up on the harmless smoke that comes out of the machines. Also most Hotels would rather the DJ’s don’t use them.

7. Can we see you work?

A. I do a few gigs that allow the general public in, these are usually pubs. As for seeing me work a private wedding, that is not always possible and I would not be able to spend any time talking to you. It would not be fair on those clients, as you can appreciate I will want to give your booking my undivided attention as well.

8. My friend has photo sensitive epilepsy will your lights affect them?

A. Quite possibly but if you make arrangements with me beforehand I will have a lighting display that will not affect them.

9. When is the best time to contact you?

A. you can Email me any time as I check my emails daily. Contact me by phone on 07976 785211. You can call during the day any time from 09.30am but the best time to call is between 17.00 to 22.00 (5pm to 10pm).

10.The DJ with the best price is the way to go, right?

A.Hiring a DJ on price alone is the absolute worst way to book your entertainment. More attention should be placed on their experience and, if at all possible, recommendations. Calling around for prices is a great way to buy a television, but not to hire your DJ. After spending thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours on other aspects of your wedding/party, saving a few pounds on your DJ who is the largest part of your evening reception, is not very cost effective. Generally speaking, your DJ will be the least expensive portion of your wedding.