Essex Wedding DJ Now Accepts PayPal

Essex Wedding DJ Now Accepting PayPal for Deposits

Additional OptionsSo after a little thought and setting the account up, EssexWeddingDJ can now take deposits via PayPal.

At the moment I am just taking deposits, I will see how that goes and if it works I’ll start taking complete payments through it as well.

This will enable people that book Essex Wedding DJ to pay their deposits there and then (once the date has been confirmed of course) it will also enable you to pay safely and securely and also use your credit and debit cards as well.

By now if you use eBay or any number of online retailers the option is credit/debit card or PayPal, Cheques seem to be being consigned to the history books now and used less and less.

After having a couple of near misses using my credit card online I like the safety and the security that PayPal offer and feel it would be beneficial to people that book the EssexWeddingDJ as well.

So Essex Wedding DJ is proud to announce that we take PayPal, credit and debit cards for your deposits.

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