Awkward DJ moments from the history of the Essex Wedding DJ

With some 20 plus years under my belt as a DJ, I have had a few awkward moments, some too X-rated to put into print and others make me cringe even today.

I have seen wedding cakes thrown across dance floors and drinks tipped over quests; I’ve advised brides to tip white wine over their red wine stained wedding dress to remove the stain and even had to wait until 10pm for a groom who was so worried about his speech that he had too much ‘Dutch Courage’ and fell asleep in his room when he went to freshen up!

But the one that eclipses them all for me is one I DJ’d over 10 years ago, in a marquee, in the grounds of a country hotel. It was a hot August day (and I mean HOT!! 37 degrees inside the marquee) I had to bring fans in because the CD players (that’s how long ago it was) and amps were overheating and cutting out.

I’d set up and had to change (I had brought extra shirts as I was going to need them it was that hot). It was the time that Steps had just released tragedy and it was high in the charts (wow 1999 almost 16 years ago as I write this). The Bride had requested this as one of the dances to follow their first dances.

I had noticed that over to one side of the marquee an elderly gentleman (an Uncle I believe) was having fans and cold compresses applied to him. I had assumed he had had a funny turn because of the heat and needed to be cooled down.

My focus as always was on the dance floor and getting the first dances done and to get the party under way; I had just announced that the first dance would be in a few minutes when the hotel manager tapped me on the shoulder and said the gentleman had been taken very ill and paramedics where on the way. The bride was informed and, at the request of the elderly uncle, was told just to carry on
and it would be fine.

I got the first dances done and much to my delight the dance floor stayed very full for the next set of songs (even in the heat). The Bride sent a brides maid up to request Tragedy, I queued the record up for the next song and hit the play button.

Well, as I said, I’d been paying attention to the dance floor and the elderly uncle had now had screens placed round him for some privacy. At the opening notes to Tragedy the paramedic took the screens down and wheeled the uncle on a gurney through the dance floor and through to the exit.

I still turn a little pink today when I think back on it now and it certainly slowed the party down somewhat! After an hour we received a call from someone at the hospital to state that it was heat stroke and nothing more and he would be fine with a few days’ rest. The rest of the night was warm and the party was great, but still a little awkward at the beginning of the evening.

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