When do I need to book a Wedding DJ?

When do I need to book a wedding DJ?
The short answer is: As soon as possible!

ewdj-photo3When friends and family get married, I’m amazed at how many of them call me and ask my advice for “what are the best wedding venues to look at?” or “do I know a great wedding photographer and videographer?”;  “Who does the best wedding cakes?” “Where’s the best place to hire suits? And even down to “Where do I hire the best wedding cars”.

Normally all of this is done months and sometime years in advance, and then a month or two before the wedding I get the inevitable phone call of “Russ do you know any good Wedding DJ’s?” (this is because I’m invited to the wedding honest!).

A good wedding DJ is like everything else you book for your wedding and those in the know book everything early.

I take weddings on anywhere up to three years in advance and lots of my work is on recommendation. Iindeed, recently I was DJing a wedding and three young ladies came over and asked if I remembered them. It was in fact three brides I had DJ’d for over recent years each one had seen me at a previous wedding and the first wedding I did for them was a recommendation.

If you book well in advance you’re getting a good reliable DJ that will turn up! They will know their way round a wedding reception, the proper etiquette for first dances etc. As opposed to booking one last minute! The panic booking! The ‘he will do DJ’ that will hopefully turn up.

You would be stunned at the number of calls myself and fellow DJ’s get over the year from panicked venues or brides and grooms where their DJ hasn’t turned up and no one is answering the phone!

When you book with essexweddingdj.com, I take just one booking for that day, if it’s a provisional booking I will confirm in the conversation or via email how long I will hold the date for before I will take another booking. If it’s a confirmed booking then that is it, your in booked and confirmed. I then confirm the booking, either by post or via a PDF packet included in an email. This pack will have a letter of confirmation; a booking request form asking for information like your first dance, music requests, names of bride and groom, full contact details etc; my terms and conditions and a booking confirmation form confirming dates times and price clearly. Equally it will have my email address russ@essexweddingdj.com my phone number 07976785211 and my address.

As the adverts say: “Book early to avoid disappointment!”

For more information, or to enquire about booking Essex Wedding DJ, send me an email or text, message me on Facebook

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