Essex Wedding DJ at Langtons Hall

Wedding DJ for Reception at Langton’s Hall Hornchurch

Unusually for me I DJ’d a venue I have never worked at before. Just through the gates at Langton’s registry office in Hornchurch is Langton’s Hall built in 1929 and recently refurbished. This hall can cater for about 100 people and you have to supply your own wet bar, but these are easily available through the local papers or have a chat with your local public house and I’m sure they would be willing to help.

For the DJ it’s a bit of a pain as the entrance from the car park is in the opposite corner to where you have to set up so you have to walk your gear the length of the Hall and I should imagine this could be a little difficult with a room full of guests.  Those asides once set up you are near the door that leads to Langton’s Gardens and they are quiet beautiful at this time of year.

Now to my least favourite device ever invented the sound limiter!

Due to the location of the hall, the music licence is until 11:30pm and the staff want you out within 3o minuets as there is a private residence quite literally a stone’s throw away, so the noise must be kept to a minimum hence the installation of the sound limiter.

To be fair, the levels the limiter have been set to are more than generous and doesn’t spoil the party, unless everyone is screaming and singing at the top of their lungs, the music will keep playing.

There is a set of warning lights set in the ceiling, and even though it tripped a couple of times during the evening, the red light was on for a good 10 seconds before the power went which is more than enough time to reduce the sound before the power trips out.

My congratulations to Pamela and Ian Paton a lovely couple it was a pleasure to DJ for them and their guests.

A Toast Master is a Must for Your Day

Wedding Toast Master A Must for Your Day

Steve Ashby Toast Master

Steve Ashby Toast Master

I was lucky enough to be invited to my friend’s Brad and Carley Gibbs wedding Friday (17th Aug 2012) at the De Rougemont Manor Brentwood, even better I was able to kick back and enjoy the day as I had been asked to recommend a DJ rather than DJ it myself.

The other thing I was asked to recommend was a toast master. I have worked with a number over the years and there are few better than Steve Ashby (Click Here for Steve’s website), Steve is also one of the resident toast masters at the Orsett Hall.

A toast master is a real must for your day.  Steve was already there at the church to meet the groom as he arrived; he helped organise the Groom and Grooms Men for the photos; he also helped get the guests in as the Bride arrived and helped arrange the Bridal procession as they entered the church.

Once the service was over, Steve was there again to help round up a few people for photos outside the church, and when the guests and bridal party started to head for the cars, Steve made his way to the hotel to meet the guests again and smooth things along with the hotel staff and the guests.

Steve had a list of photos that the Bride and Groom wanted taken and the man in red tracked everyone down and got them in the right place for the photographer to get the pictures.

Once the hotel was ready for the wedding breakfast, Steve organised the receiving line and he brought the Bride and Groom in once everyone was in place. Steve wandered round during the meal checking that the guests were OK and made sure the guests and the top table had everything they needed. At  the end of the meal, he also organised the speeches introducing each one.

I have known Steve for some fourteen years professionally so, although I didn’t witness this, I know that he helped the staff clear the room and move the table for the evening function to take place. Once that was done and the DJ, another good friend of mine Ian Scott (Click Here for Ian’s web site), was in and set up he got everyone back in the function suite and arranged the cutting of the cake. He posed the Bride and Groom on the cake for photos and then announced the first dance.

Steve worked tirelessly during the day to give Brad and Carley the best day of their lives. A toastmaster is a huge part of your wedding day and like DJ’s an unsung hero of the day, whilst the day would have still gone great Steve and indeed all toastmasters help to put a polish on the day that turns a memorable day in to a polished jewel of a memory that is treasured forever.

Essex Wedding DJ Takes a Holiday

A rare weekend off.

Well it had been planned for some time and as you can imagine as a busy DJ getting a whole weekend off is rare thing.

At this time of year getting away with the family is always a must and so I spent a lovely weekend with family and friends at Great Yarmouth Sea Shore Holiday Camp, click here for information.

I had the opportunity to sit in the audience of some party DJ’s who played ‘party dance tunes’ I had never heard of and to be honest never likely to play. These type of set dance step ‘Party Tunes’ don’t figure heavily in my sets unless they are specifically requested by the bride and groom. I have played the birdie dance for one couple many many years ago as it was either the bride or the groom that appeared in the original video.

Now it’s back to business as usual until my next little get away. I’m actually at the De Rougemont Manor Brentwood this Friday, 17th August 2012, as a guest of a friend who is getting married and I’m the DJ at a Langtons Hall, Hornchurch Saturday for another friend’s wedding so not really a working weekend but more time spent with friends.

Here are a few holiday pictures:

Mid Week Weddings – You can get some good deals from your wedding DJ

Over the last few years I have noticed an increase of the mid-week wedding. Jokingly refer to it as Wednesday and Thursday becoming the new Friday and Saturday. But seriously there can be some real bargains to be had, particularly in the colder months October and November and just after Christmas, Wedding venues don’t like empty function suites as much as they don’t like empty bedrooms. Whilst I have seen an increase they are not as common as you may think and there is nothing to say that your special day can’t be mid-week. You will look spectacular in your wedding outfit on a Wednesday as you would on a Friday or Saturday. You are also less likely to have problems getting your Venue, DJ, Toastmaster, photographer and videographer. Our prime time has always been the weekends so if you’re considering a mid-week wedding you could end up with everything you want without any compromising.

Contact me and get a price for your wedding DJ on 07976785211 or click here

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LED Lighting at Orsett Hall

Lighting for Wedding Receptions

I have started using my big LED par cans (American DJ 64B LED Pro) in a slightly different way. Previously they were set to slow fade and sound to light, so that the colours change to the beat of the music during the night. Now I’m using an electric blue colour to give a wash on the ceilings which gives a stunning effect.

I am still using the American DJ (ADJ) Sunray Tri LED DMX and X-Move LED Plus R, set as sound to light, to provide that classic look to fill the room with colour, and with the wash effect on the ceiling, it gives a very classy look I think. I have received comments from many people on how great the lights look.

LED Lighting at Orsett Hall

LED Lighting at Orsett Hall

Here are some links regarding the American DJ Lights

Langdon Hills Golf and Country Club An Ideal Wedding Venue

I’m DJing at a great venue this Saturday (4th August 2012), the Langdon Hills Golf and Country Club. I have been the DJ here many times before and am looking forward to this Saturday as always.

This first floor venue has stunning views across Essex right into London with Canary Wharf and The Shard visible on the horizon from the balcony. A hidden gem of a venue with great food, fantastic staff and a hotel attached makes this an ideal wedding location not only for the keen golfer but also for those who love great service and excellent food.

Details of the venue below:

Langdon Hills Golf and Country Club
Lower Dunton Road
RM14 3TY

Tel.: 01268 548 444
Fax: 01268 490 084