Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Discos and New Equipment

Christmas for many DJ’s is the busiest time of the year and when many of us look to renew some of our gear, buying better or brighter lights, new sound systems and generally create the next look for the new year.


For myself this is no different, having recently purchased a DSB V2 DJ booth, I’ve ordered the Starcloth front as well for that added extra “sparkle”.

I am now looking at retiring the overhead lighting look and will be looking into putting my American DJ (ADJ) X-Moves on to trilite plinths about a metre high, my ADJ Starlight’s on to my speaker stands and continue using my par-cans to wash the walls with colour.

I now have 8 par-can 4 are the more traditional style of par-can although they are LEDS they still have a big housing that was designed to take a traditional spot light bulb. I have recently purchased 4 new flat Par-cans the ADJ Flat Par5 they have a very low profile but still give that big wash effect and light the room beautifully.




Music – A new Denon DN HD2500

Essex Wedding DJ GearThey stopped making these some time ago but you can still get them new every now and then when people dig over the back of a shop. Not very popular wh

en it was made as they have a small screen and you can only view 5 tracks at a time when searching, but I have had one for 5 years now and it’s a lovely piece of equipment.  It has Denon quality coming out of every button a solid build with some great features and until Denon bring out another rack Mount MP3 player I will stick with the 2500 even though its design is 7-8 years old it’s still more innovative than a lot of new machines that are being released now.


Well having attended BPM at the NEC this October (2012) I was blown away (literally) by the new Yamaha, Nexo collaboration. Yamaha acquired Nexo about 4 years ago and this is there first move into the active speaker market.

Introducing the new Yamaha DXR range all rated at 1100watts and starting in size at 8” driver going up to a meaty 15” not the lightest of speakers there size belies a massive sound output with very impressive SPL at 133bp at 1 metre… figures mean little to the layman needless to say they are loud and are very clear….

Here is the Rub I have the JBL active system at the moment the visually stunning JBL515’s. The coolest looking mass produced mobile disco speaker on the market (well I think so Smile) coupled with the 518s sub-woofer producing a very impressive 1400 watts RMS. I’m having a fight with my conscience at the moment as to whether to retire the JBL’s for the DXR15’s both have their pros and cons  I will keep thinking on it and let you all know when I decide.

All of this new look will soon be premiered at the Orsett Hall and as soon as I have done that I will get pictures on line for everyone to see.

Merry Christmas and Happy New YearI may get a chance to blog again before but in case I don’t  I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my clients, friends and family a Very Merry Christmas and a safe happy and prosperous new year.

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