Essex Wedding DJ lays down great tunes, and 18 years on…

18 years on...This was published on Facebook today, Paul and Emma today celebrate 18 years of marriage, I Dj’d there wedding reception and had an absolute blast of a night, my thanks to Paul for allowing me to put this on my Facebook page. Congratulations again guys. X

“18yrs ago today – I had the pleasure to be at one of the best parties. Russell Frost was laying down some great tunes, whilst people came and boogied, i spent the day surrounded by friends, family and laughter – even a very young Holly Curran was there in her best frock, and an even younger Terry Louise was there in her nannies arms….. Oh – and some fit bird turned up, with great……… attitude, and agreed to be my wife!
What an 18years it’s been.”

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