Photo Booth’s at Weddings

Here is something I’ve known about for a while but it was a first for me on Saturday. Now for those of you planning a wedding or a party you will be all too aware of added extras to make your evening that little bit more memorable, things like the sweet trolley/table, fire work displays, paper lanterns, ice cream trolley (or even Van), bouncy castles, Hog roasts and of course the forever popular Chocolate fountains (now with fruit, white chocolate and caramel options) even wine and champagne fountains. But this is something I have seen at a couple of wedding fares but the first time I’ve had it at a wedding reception. The Photo Booth!

Most photographers will willingly offer you a photo studio for the evening, this where the photographer will setup a back drop and you can have photos taken in the evening with guests and family with a backdrop behind and then you can purchase the photos or view online and buy later (or in some cases the photos are part of the package). However with more and more couples taking advantage of cheap airfares and wedding packages abroad the wedding reception “back home” has become more of a party with less of the formality and sometimes a more formal style of evening reception is not wanted.

The photo booth offers a different and fun idea on having your photo taken. Just like the photo booths in train stations you have a camera, a printer, and a computer to control it all, generally a touch screen interface and on screen instructions to get you to the point where you have a photo taken BUT, and this is a great idea the photo booth that was at the reception on Saturday, this had fun hats (fireman, policeman etc), feather boa’s, blow up instruments and enough room in the booth to fit 4 in or more at a squeeze.

What really impressed me and got me to writing was this photo booth came with an attendant and every photo taken there where two copies produced, one for the people in the booth and the second went into a photo album and went to, in this case, the bride and groom and of course the more the dancing juice flows the sillier the photos become. A different idea for an evening if it’s a wedding or just a party something a little novel that caught my eye.

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