Wedding DJ on a Tight Budget

Device-MP3-Player-iconAre you considering being a DIY Wedding DJ? Hiring all of the disco equipment yourself? Do you have an MP3 player and are thinking of doing a wedding party playlist yourself?

Thinking you can save money by doing your own wedding reception disco?

Well, I’ve been a wedding DJ for a number of years and the one thing that is apparent to me that there is real skill in getting the right balance for your wedding reception and you’ll be surprised about how much Essex Wedding DJ actually costs.

With the massive popularity of MP3 players out there more and more couples are considering the DJ yourself route. Hiring the equipment from a local disco shop and building the play lists for the night setting the gear up and pressing play.

Well that can work, I’ll not deny it, but the last thing you want to worry about is whether the sound is too loud, or not quite loud enough;

You may like that 15 minute Prog-Rock track you planned half way into the playlist, but everyone is dancing and it’s not really a song you can dance to and you’re stuck speaking to your long lost Aunt;

Or you didn’t realise the lights you hired have a strobe, your second cousin has photo sensitive epilepsy and you can’t find the off switch.

These are all very real issues that can come up during a wedding reception, not just a DIY one. The advantage of a professional wedding DJ like Essex Wedding DJ is that I take care of all of that for you and for not much more that hiring a good disco setup.

That’s not all there is to being a Wedding DJ either… I take the worry out of your evening, starting from the moment you book Essex Wedding DJ, weeks or months before your big day.

Read on to find out why when you book Essex Wedding DJ your worries and concerns disappear. Or just give me a call on 07976 785 211 and we can have a chat about it


A Typical Essex Wedding DJ Process

To Start

Devices-pda-iconI immediately book the evening out for your reception and its confirmed and fixed in my diary. I don’t take any more bookings for that date. OK, that’s basic stuff, but then I send out confirmation to you so that we both have a record of the date and times and you receive a request form for the evening.

Contact and Correspondence

Text-Edit-iconThis is your big day and you want everything to run smoothly, as your DJ my job is to make the transition from the day to the evening as seamless as possible. There is a fair chance that your wedding breakfast is going to be in the same room as your evening reception so the venue staff will move the whole room around whilst your in the bar meeting and greeting your evening guests, I will be in the main room setting the disco up ready for the first dance. I will know what time you sit down for your wedding breakfast and if you have a toastmaster. All of this will be done before hand and will be done by a meeting or a phone call or even by email. The other things I want to know is the music for your first dance, also one or two tracks to follow.

Background Music and Cutting the Cake.

cakeThe room has been changed round and you’re still receiving your guests you don’t want to start officially until everyone arrives? Maybe you’re going to cut the cake just before the first dance and you would like everyone (even those fashionably late people) to be there. I will be playing background music during this time to create a relaxed atmosphere. Then the big off cutting the cake or doing the first dance.
The First dance! This is a celebration and many brides and grooms dread it. I will make it as painless as possible if you want to do the whole dance on your own that’s fine, If you want to do two turns round the dance floor get those all important photos in and then get everyone up on the floor with you that’s fine as well this is your big day and you should enjoy it. Trust me it goes by so fast.

Getting The Party Started

ewdj-peterives-2011-10-01-001Its time to get the party started. Music is very personal and what works for you may not work for great Auntie Doris who loves to jive and then there’s Uncle Jack and at 79 he likes a bit of rock. This is where Mp3 players fall over and a DJ shines. My job is to get the balance so everyone enjoys themselves. I love a request list it gives me a good starting point for what you and your friends enjoy and I usually ask for a list, no longer that thirty records (that’s almost half the night!) I also want to know what doesn’t work for you are there special songs that MUST NOT be played no matter what, and of course I take requests during the evening as well.
So we come to the end of the night and you want to finish with a bang. My way is to gather everyone onto the dance floor in a big circle, the bride and groom in the middle. The bride and groom go round the circle and thank everyone for coming meet back in the middle of the dance floor and finish the night on their first dance (or another song of their choice) with everyone joining in. it’s a nice way of finishing the night and rounding off you big day.

All of this for just a few more pounds than it costs to hire a really good disco system from your local hire shop.

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